Light strips

Svetlobni trakovi mbm


Light strips have exactly the same purpose as light domes, except that light strips are used for lighting larger floor areas. Light strips can be placed along the object or across the object.
Types of light strips:
  • acrylic light strip
  • polycarbonate light strip

Acrylic light strips

  • Acrylic light strips are made of transparent or opal acrylic glass, and it is also possible to make them in a wide variety of colors, depending on the color scale of the supplier of acrylic panels.
  • The advantages of acrylic tape are mainly in quick and easy installation.
  • The disadvantage of acrylic tapes is that they are brittle and quickly damaged, and ath the same time they have extremly poor insulating properties.

Polycarbonate light strips

  • They are made of a supporting metal substructure, which depends on the desired permissible load of light strip per m2, insulating multi-layered polycarbonate glas 10 or 16 mm in transparent or opal design, and fastening of sealing elements. 
  • Advantages of polycarbonate light strips:
    • great isolation
    • better sealing
    • grater load capacity
    • impact resistance
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The company MBM PLAST d.o.o. in the years since its foundation in 2002 until now, it has specialized in the production of roof lighting elements. Domes and strips can be used for natural ventilation and natural removal of smoke and heat from buildings.


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