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The bases of the light domes are absolutely necessary for the installation of the light domes. The adjustment bases provide a flat base for placing the light dome, and at the same time they are also the supporting element of the light dome. They are made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. A hard polyurethane foam filler is used as thermal insulation. The inner side of the setting base is smooth and made in white, which is not a requirement. Depending on the customer's request, the guide ring can be made in a color shade according to the RAL scale. The height of the adjustable base depends on the mounting location and the thickness of the roof insulation; the recommended height of the adjustable crown is the thickness of the roof insulation + 20 cm. The component parts of the adjustable base are: the frame of the adjustable base with or without a condensing nose with a wooden or metal insert, the wall of the adjustable base with a standard insulation thickness of 25mm and the heel of the adjustable base. The setting bases are installed on the prepared substructure:

- wooden structure
- concrete substructure
- metal construciton
- sheet metal supporting elements

Versions of bases

  • polyester bases – standard version of insulation 25 mm (hard polyurethane foam):
    • wall thickness from 4 to 18 cm
    • heel thickness from 0 to 30 cm
    • combination version
    • serial version
  • sheet metal bases
  • combined setting bases (sheet metal + polyester)
  • special design bases:
    • base with drip heel and with insulated drip heel
    • base wit additional thermal insulation of the wall or heel
    • base with additional wall and heel insulation
    • base tih an adapted heel, which is adapted to the roof covering (panel)
    • base with adjusted heel width, which is used in roof renovation, upgrading the existing setting cornice
    • base with integrated PVC foil in the heel of the setting ring. 
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The company MBM PLAST d.o.o. in the years since its foundation in 2002 until now, it has specialized in the production of roof lighting elements. Domes and strips can be used for natural ventilation and natural removal of smoke and heat from buildings.


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