GuttaLite FE skylight

Guttalite skylight for unoccupied and unheated attic spaces

The Guttalite light opening is an ideal and financially very affordable solution for lighting and ventilation. The integrated trim allows easy installation for all types of roofs. It enables ventilation and lighting of unoccupied and unheated attic spaces. It is recommended to use a skylight in the living room of the attic. Opening the light opening, i.e. unlocking is possible from the top or side. The structure can be easily fixed and installed in the attic.


- Integrared lining
- Thermal insulation seal that can be shortened or completely removed
- Complete waterproofing after installation
- The product can be installed in all roof coverings
- The flexible design enables installation on roofs with a profile height of up to 90 mm.
- For roof slopes from 15
° to 60°
- Comes with rubber seals on the skirt
- Resistant to all weather conditions and UV radiation
- Dried pine wood with fungicide protection
- Chromed steel handle with two ventilation positions (opening from above or from the side)



The Guttalite light opening is avaiable in the following sizes:

- 45 x 55 cm
- 45 x 73 cm

It offers maximum flexibility as it can be installed with side or upward opening.


The GuttaLite skylight is very easy to install. The installation principle is a proven and tested methodology that installers have known for many years. For novice users, the step-by-step installation guide for each product is easy to use. 
The product is suitable for installation on roofs made of roof tiles or shingles with an inclination of roof surfaces from 15 to 60 degrees and roofing with a profile height of up to 90 mm.

Technical specifications

guttalite light opening fe characteristics
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