A Colt Smokemaster SM-ST fixed smoke curtain provides an uninterrupted barrier against smoke in the event of a fire. The formation of a barrier prevents the spread and cooling of hot fire gases. Smoke curtains are an integral part of a smoke and heat  control system to EN 12101-1.

The curtain is suitable for providing smoke compartments in different kinds of buildings. Its low weight means that it has little influence on the structural stability of the roof. It is easily and quickly installed, since it is equipped with a variety of different types of fixings.

The smoke curtain material consists of a glass fibre fabric with a stabilising polyurethane coating, and it is resistant to high fire gas temperatures. Its design allows for an unlimited length and an overall height of up to 15 metres.

Description of the product

The angle bracket and the clamping profile are prepunched to accommodate rivets. The hole pattern is continuous across the butt joints and enables the fabric strips to be quickly and easily installed. The lower end of the cloth loop serves to hold the weight profile, which is pushed into the loop and is connected using fixings (D class version). If SM-ST systems are used to close off residual openings above automatic smoke  curtains, the fabric has no loop and is fixed directly to theheadbox of the automatic smoke curtain. Angle bracket, clamping profile and weight profile are made from  galvanised steel. The overlaps of the fabric can be covered with a spray adhesive which has been approved by the testing authority. Approved fixings are used. The fixings can be up to 1.5m apart.
The system can be easily and quickly attached to the existing building structure.
Since metal sleeves are prefabricated, penetrations of various sizes and formats can be easily produced.

SMOKEMASTER SM-ST curtain assembly

smokemaster sm-st curtain assembly
smokemaster sm-st curtain overlap

Technical data

smokemaster sm-st tehnical data
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The company MBM PLAST d.o.o. in the years since its foundation in 2002 until now, it has specialized in the production of roof lighting elements. Domes and strips can be used for natural ventilation and natural removal of smoke and heat from buildings.


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