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Kingspan Fumetica-S is an EN 12101-2 certified double flap system, with flaps at an inclination of 7°, suitable for the extraction of smoke and heat, daily ventilation and use as a skylight. Its large dimensions, a geometric surface area up to 7.5 m2, makes the Fumetica-S ideally suited to the effective extraction of significant quantities of (polluted) hot air and smoke. A sophisticated production method enables this flap ventilator, which has fall prevention feature in closed position, to be manufactured in any desired  dimensions and for every flat build-in application.

Area of application: particularly suitable for distribution centres, storage facilities, production environments and industries where it is important that the product is free of silicones or other similar substances.

High performance for a competitive price
Fumetica-S offers a functional solution, whereby reliability, price and guaranteed performance go hand in hand. You can completely rely on the Fumetica-S for a healthy and (fire) safe indoor climate.
The Fumetica-S is available in different base types, with pneumatic or electric controls, insulated or uninsulated aluminium, or translucent flaps. Fumetica-S Excellent has improved insulation values by using additional insulating flaps.



– Base: uninsulated or insulated aluminium 30 mm
– Flaps at an inclination of 7 °:
   – uninsulated 
   – insulated aluminium 20 mm
   – Isolux 16 mm clear/opal
– Significant flexibility in dimensions and flange type
– U = 1.4 – 5.6 W/m2K


– Base: insulated aluminium 30 mm
Flaps at an inclination of 7°:
   – insulated aluminium 30 mm 
   – Isolux 32 mm (2*16 mm) clear/opal
– Significant flexibility in dimensions and flange type
– Excellent by improved insulation values
– U = 1,1 – 1,3 W/m2K

kingspan fumetica-s improved insulation values


Base and flanges: sea water and corrosion resistant EN AW 5754 (AlMg3) aluminium sheet material. Choice of uninsulated base or 30 mm insulated base.
Seal: covered all round with PE tape, which prevents freezing in position and guarantees high air density.
Hinges: stainless steel.
Flaps: uninsulated or 20 mm insulated aluminium, clear or opal multi-walled polycarbonate filling 16 mm.
Excellent flaps: 30 mm insulated aluminium, clear or opal multiwalled polycarbonate filling 32 mm (2x16 mm).
Finish: mill finished, coated in a standard RAL colour or anodised (limited sizes).


Natural ventilation:

P2 double-acting compressed air operation
M motor operation

Fire ventilation according to EN 12101-2:

P2B double-acting compressed air operation with fire function
PB-FS single-acting compressed air operation with fire function fail safe
M motor operation


- Bird or insect screen
- Fall-through safety mesh
- Insulated flanges
Lifting eyes

Test results

– EN 12101-2 approved: B300, Re300, WL1500 
  – Type P2B: SL800, T(00) / SL500, T(-15)
  – Type M24V:
    – SL800, T(00) / SL500, T(-15) Isolux flap
    – SL750, T(00) / SL500, T(-15) Aluminium flap 
  – Type PB-FS: SL500, T(00) / SL250, T(-15)
– U-value system = 1.1 – 5.6 W/m2K according to EN 10077-2 (depending on dimensions and version)
– Air permeability: EN 1026: 600 Pa, EN 12207: class 2
– Watertightness: EN 1027: 600 Pa, EN 12208: class 9A
– Resistance to varying wind loads: class C1, 200 Pa (= P2) deflection < 1/300 in accordance with EN 12210 / EN 12211
– Fall-through safety / impact resistance: SB1200 according to EN 1873:2014
WL / SL is based on maximum dimension type 2530. If type < 2530 higher WL / SL are possible


The aluminium that is used for the production of the Kingspan Fumetica-S consists of 80% recycled aluminium. Recycling aluminium produces 60 to 80% less CO2 emissions than the production of primary aluminium.

kingspan fumetica-s cross section
kingspan fumetica-s base and flaps
kingspan fumetica-s flap version excellent
kingspan fumetica-s technical specifications
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