Fire Curtain FM-1/2E

Fire Curtain FM-1/2E is an automatic fire curtain which, when activated, rolls down to its final position, preventing the penetration of flames and the spread of fires.The fabric consists of a glass filament fabric with stainless steel core and a stabilised polyurethane coating. Headboxes are made of galvanized sheet steel with a closed construction to accommodate the rollers. The lateral roll or rod side guides provide the connection to the building structure. The weight profile ensures that the curtain closes reliably and stabilises the curtain when it is rolled down. Sliders are attached to the sides of the weight profile to assist with the closing process even if there are air currents. A sprung bottom bar made from extruded aluminium enables a homogeneous closure to the  "invisible fire protection” headbox.

There are no visible fixings such as screws, rivets or similar when it is installed. The curtain may be polyester powder coated in all types of RAL colours. The underside of the headbox can be opened over the entire length of the unit for inspection purposes,
thus allowing easy access to all components for quick and time-saving repairs. A compact unit with minimal dimensions and high fire resistance at a low weight. Time and cost saving installation to walls or ceilings by the use of prefabricated and   delivered modules. The curtain is attached to the building using special brackets.


When activated, the curtain moves from its at-rest position with no need for electricity at a controlled speed to the alarm position (using the "Gravity Fail Safe" principle).

The specially-developed roller unit is installed within the winding shaft and contains a PCB with its own intelligence in addition to a DC motor with planetary gears. Essential safety-related functions:
- Speed control 0.15m/s
- Locking unit
- Monitoring of the “rest” position
- Synchronisation of multiple units
- HWD intermediate position
- Adjustment of the bottom bar
- More than 10,000 cycles

SKC-SC control panel

The SKC-SC control panel is designed for safe operation of the fire curtain and complies with ISO 21927-9 and BS 8524. There is a power supply which guarantees
that the control functions are maintained for at least 72 hours according to the EN 12101-10 standard.

HOLD-OPEN system

Control of the fire curtain is via a hold-open system according to EN 14637 and the DIBt Guideline. Autonomous controls for initiating the closing process via the connected smoke detectors or manual control units. Alarm saving when released.

Sketch of fire curtain installation

fire curtain fm-1/2E sketch of fire curtain installation

Headbox variants

Side guides

fire curtain fm-1/2E side guides

SM5 Type SI

fire curtain fm-1/2E SM5 type SI

SM5 Type DH

fire curtain fm-1/2E SM5 type DH

SM5 Type DV

fire curtain fm-1/2E SM5 type DV

Headbox dimensions

fire curtain fm-1/2-e headbox dimensions

Dimensions (maximum unit sizes in mm)

fire curtain fm-1/2E dimensions
fire curtain fm-1/2E bottom bar
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